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Our staff is comprised of Master Teachers, Distinguished Teachers and Professors. We recruit tutors from Ivy-League universities.

In addition to being state certified, every teacher at Radiant Prep is an expert in content production and curation. They have deep insight about the lessons, practice problems  and review materials our students are provided with. We provide elite-level teaching backed by the very best books and methods.


We strongly value basic representations of complex ideas. We believe what separates truly exceptional teachers from the pack is an ability to present even the most challenging ideas so clearly that all students can understand. Radiant Prep instructors are thoroughly vetted and trained for this skill set.


The core of what we do at Radiant Prep is deliver laser sharp feedback– frequently and consistently– to our students. Our clients make rapid gains because they learn deeply from their mistakes and constantly improve their work under the care of our elite instructors. We achieve this by deploying systems exclusive to Radiant Prep, not available anywhere else.


We believe the most effective learning is one that students enjoy and fully engage in. Radiant Prep instructors pride themselves on being able to capture the imagination of students and keep them engaged. Our methods are fun and memorable, so Radiant Prep students retain and leverage what they learn!

Superior Materials.

Simple Explanations.

Precise feedback.

Joy in learning.

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